José Salvatore

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José Salvatore was born November 5, 1947 in the city of Lanús, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He had studied in Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, later attending perfecting courses in Drawing, Painting, Composition, Coloring Techniques, Vision, Esthetics, Textile Image Design, Graphics Illustration, and Understanding of the Plastic Language. The result of his professional formation is based on his work that he has been performing for the past thirty years. At the beginning of 1998, he turned himself to the experimenting and developing of the drawing with digital support. He owns an Art Studio in where he specializes on Illustration and Digital Painting.


SOME DISTINCTIONS • “Madre Teresa”, selected Work for the First Peace Digital Exhibition organized by the Ayuntamiento de Jaén – España •Listing Member of the Academia de Artes y Letras de América awarded with an Honor Diploma by such organization. • First Prize on “Mauro Glorioso” in the First Workshop of the Argentinean Plastic Arts. • Third Prize in the Salon Nacional del Poema Iustrado, performed by “El Ateneo Popular de la Boca”, together with the cooperation of the poet Enrique González Trillo. • Special Prize of the Jury (Fundación Golden) – Drawing. • Third Prize (Salón Fundación Golden) - Drawing • First Prize” Fundación Artes Plásticas.” • Honorable Mention ” Fundación Artes Plásticas.”