Giulio Iurissevich

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I contenuti qui di seguito riportati, sono a cura esclusiva dell'artista


Italian based artist Giulio started out as a photographer and graphic artist, then became an illustrator. He works all over the world, especially in the UK and USA. He''s now specialized in fashion and lifestyle illustration. He also loves music, and has played guitar and sung in different punk rock bands over the years. "I don''t think I have a definite philosophy on what I do; I just like people I see in the streets, their movements, their culture which comes with its own uniforms and customs. I illustrate mainly people and faces I find original, that tell a story, especially women''s, who are a mistery to me. I illustrate fashion because I like these uniforms that each person chooses to display themselves on their own stage. The personal stages where we all act out our parts. I work on instinct, illustrating faces and bodies that speak with their uniforms .... immobility, inertia in the confusion of color - as in life, which forces one to act and move regardless of one''s wishes." Driven by instict and inspired by the female form,my work¹s work explores volume, geometry and color---reducing unecessary effects and focusing instead on clean lines and forms. ARTIST MEMBER of the Society of illustrators New York- and AOI Association of Illustrators London.