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I contenuti qui di seguito riportati, sono a cura esclusiva dell'artista


C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Personal information I L G V A R S Z A L A N S Date of birth: 24.09.1962. Citizenship: Republic of Latvia Address : LV1010 Riga, , LATVIA phone : +371 2 9112872 e-mail: e-mail: , URL : Education 1988 -1992 Latvian Academy of Arts , Department of pedagogy, B.F.A./painting/ 1984 - 1987 Riga Applied Art College. Department of decorative painting since 2001 Member of The Artists’ Union of Latvia Solo exibitions 2006 “Hostal Catalan”, Rodriguez-Amat Foundation,Girona, SPAIN „Life above water”, gallery „Laiptai”, Siauliai, LITHUANIA 2005 „INDIA ... MOROCCO „ ,gallery „LAIPA”, Valmiera „Why this country seems so special?”,Daugavpils Museum of Arts and Studies 2004 „Ticket to Japan”, gallery „Mans`s”, Jekabpils Welcome to V.!”, Locanda Antica, Vellano, PS, ITALY „Traditional painting”, Cesis exibition House „Reconstruction”, Centrum hotel, Viljandi, ESTONIA 2003 „ANIMA”, gallery „Art garden”, Riga „Landscape”, Town hall ,Hoje-Taastrup, DENMARK 2002 exibition hall of Madona Museum Jakobsen keskus” Hall Viljandi, ESTONIA 2001 „Landscape”, The House of Architects, Riga, „Carpe diem!”, gallery “Laipa” Valmiera, 2000 „Epifany”, hotel “’De ROME”’, Riga , Selected group exibitions 2006 “ART DORS” National Museum of Moldova, Chisineu, MOLDOVA 2005 „Mouse”,Utsav Foundation, New Delhi, INDIA 2003 „Private space”, ", art Museum “Arsenals”, Riga 2002 “The Plate”, porcelain paintings, Latvian Porcelain Museum, Riga paintings & ceramics with latvian potterists, in4 Museums of LATVIA “Painting of the Year 2002”. "The Hunt ",gallery ASUNA, Riga, 2001 "4 painters”, Pskov, Kremlin, RUSSIA 1993-2000 with Limbazi region artists organization (14) 1992 "Latvian contemporary painting", FRANCE Public commisions 2005 ArtAir 2005, Geneve, SWITZERLAND 2004 „City and industry”, Open Atelier De Vrijplaats, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS 2003 „ Landscape”,gallery “Laipa”,Valmiera (residency award) 2002 “The Fall 2002” and “The Fall 2001", art Museum “Arsenals”, Riga 2001 Visual art competition,,Landscape" (residency award) 2000 North-Latvian regional art competition (Nerchau inc. award) Professional expierence 2006 AAW Atelier of Alexandria international symposium, EGYPT Art Simposium Eurointegration through Art , Chisineu, MOLDOVA 7th international Plein-air ZELWA2006 ,Sejny, POLAND 2005 painting residency in Fez, Chefchaoen MOROCCO 2004 „VELLANOARTE 2004”, Vellano, Tuscany, ITALY painting residency in Viljandi, ESTONIA selfdirected painting residency in Praha, CZECH Republic 2003 painting residency in Zurich SWITZERLAND International Open Air Painting& Drawing workshop Pskov, RUSSIA 2002 porcelain painting simposium in Zvartava Art center art management simposium TBILISI, GEORGIA painting plein- air ” Fish island “, Rusne, LITHUANIA land art „ Labyrinth”, ruins of Viljandi castle, ESTONIA 2001 ceramic simposium"The Egg", Livani glass factory, 2000 firesculpture “DieParanormal Hosentrager” Meleki , seaside, 1996 participant in Berlin MESSE, GERMANY Awards , Grants 2006 scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture And Science of NETHERLANDS Travel grant Prins Bernhard CultuurFonds NETHERLANDS Artist in residency The Rodríguez-Amat Foundation, Girona,/RESARTIS/ SPAIN Eurogallery Award Scheme 2005 Bronze Award 2005 Creative stipend, Latvian Culture Capital FoundationM Artist of the month ESPECTRO web gallery BEL ART online AWARD PORTUGAL Artist in Residency Global Arts Village, New Delhi /RESARTIS/ , INDIA 2004 Artist in Residency, Fundacion Valparaiso /RESARTIS/ , SPAIN Travel Grant, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation 2003 Creative stipend, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation Artist in Residency, Hooje-Taastrup, Copenhagen, DENMARK 2002 Creative stipend, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation, Artist of the year 2002 , Valmiera, Artist in Residency, Viljandi, ESTONIA Represented in collections Kate Rothko Prizel & Christopher Rothko collection, The Artists Union of Latvia, Museum of Limbazi Daugavpils and Talsi art Museums (LATVIA), municipality of Viljandi , ESTONIA, municipality of Hoje-Taastrup, DENMARK municipality of Vellano,PS, ITALYprivate collections in FRANCE,GERMANY,DENMARK, ESTONIA, LITHUANIA., BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, AUSTRALIA.




2007 Waiting for NOA, Terbatas Centrum, Riga 2006 Lonely planet and an other diamonds, gallery A7, Riga Hostal Catalan, Rodriguez-Amat Foundation,Girona, SPAIN Life above water, gallery Laiptai, Siauliai, LITHUANIA 2005 INDIA ... MOROCCO ,gallery LAIPA, Valmiera Why this country seems so special?, Daugavpils Museum of Arts and Studies 2004 Ticket to Japan, gallery Mans`s, Jekabpils Welcome to V.!, Locanda Antica, Vellano, PS, ITALY -2007 Talent-aid International, EPO Exibition space, Den Haag, NETHERLANDS 2006 ART DORS National Museum of Moldova, Chisineu, MOLDOVA 2005 Mouse,Utsav Foundation, New Delhi, INDIA