Ana María García Ruiz

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I contenuti qui di seguito riportati, sono a cura esclusiva dell'artista


Ana María García Ruiz. (Anita) was born in Seville, Spain on 24/03/1980. She live during 2009/2010 in Groningen (The Netherlands), wher she attended a course in portrait with real models at "Cultural Centre for Students of the university of Groningen" (USVA) She also attended other courses such charcoal drawing an acrylic painting tecnics at "Jazmijn Center" During her intership in The Netherlands she exhibited her art works in differents Galleries and art schools. In June 2010 Anita moved to Genova (Italy) to improve her Kwoleged in oil painted technique at "Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti". In this course she also learn other tecnics such "Trompe l'oeil" and " Art Mural" Anita was awarded with several prizes and recognitions in differents art competitions in Milan and Genoa. One of this prizes was the oportunity to exhibed her oil paintings in one of the more prestigious atr galleries of Genoa called "Satura Art Gallery". Actually she is working entirely to Art, and she tries to expres with her art her dreams and fantasy. The technique that she use is based in several layers (Glase oil painting). Currently, she exhibits at "Satura Art Gallery" in Genoa an oil painting colletion called "Women of the world", where different cultures are represented with a woman as main element, reflecting their beauty and the unity between cultures.


Satura art Gallery "collection Women of the world"Genova Satura art Gallery, Satura price, painting "In the forest"´Genova Centro Tianqui, contest Il Vuoto, painting "In the forest"Genova Studio Iroko , Milan several painting Cultural Studient center of University of Groningen (Usva)